Chandrabadni Mandir

maa chandrabadni

Chandrabadni Devi Temple is one the 52 Sakti Peeths of Mata Sati.Things you need to know about Chandrabadni Devi temple are :- Chandrabadni Siddhapeeth is at an altitude of 8000 feet above sea level on Chandrakoot mountain in Hindolakhal block of Tehri district. It can be reached from Rishikesh via Devprayag. On the Devprayag-Tehri motor road, there is a hill town Jamnikhal at a distance of about 28 km, from where there is a unpaved road upstream. The journey here becomes memorable for everyone. Passing through the high hills and dense forests, the scenic views are mesmerizing.There are proper arrangements for rest and food for the travelers near the temple.

Maa chandrabadni
Maa Chandrabadni Temple

AMAZING NATURAL AURA (अद्भुत प्राकृतिक दृश्य)
Holy view of Mata Surkanda , Kedarnath and Badrinath peaks can be witnessed from Mata ChandraBadni temple , which contributes alot more towards the spirituality of this place .

Maa chandrabadni
Bandarpunj peaks From chandrabadani

On normal days people are seen comming and worshipping goddess , while during the navratri season thousands of people are observed in the premises , waiting in long queues for that one divine interaction with the goddess .

MYTHOLOGICAL STORY OF MAA CHANDRABADNI (माता चंद्रबदनी की लोक कथा/ कहानी)

The establishment of Mata Chandrabadni Siddhapeeth is associated with Mata Sati. Once Sati’s father King Daksha organized a yagya, in which he invited all the deities, sages, Gandharvas except Lord Shankar. Sati expressed her desire to go there with Mahadev. Lord Shankar advised her not to go as they were not invited, but she went alone out of disillusionment.

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Apart from Sati’s mother, no one welcomed her. All the deities except Lord Shankar had their place in the Yagya Mandap. When Sati asked the reason for not inviting her and her husband King Daksha said derogatory words about Mahadev. Sati could not take it and she jumped into the Yagya Kund. Hearing this news, Mahadev came there and beheaded Daksha. Lamenting Lord Shiva put the burnt body of Sati on his shoulder and started doing tandav. At that time there was a catastrophe-like situation. All the gods started urging Lord Vishnu to pacify Shiva. Then Lord Vishnu put his invisible Sudarshan Chakra behind Shiva. The places where the parts of Sati fell are called Shaktipeeths.

chandrabadni-mandir-uttarakhand-teamdevasthali-tehri garhwal-devi

It is believed that the part below the navel of mata Sati fell on the Chandrakoot mountain, hence the name Chandrabadani. It is said that even today Gandharvas, Apsaras dance and sing in the court of the mother on the Chandrakoot mountain.


According to the locals, a small girl had appeared in the village called Naikhri she demanded to go on the top Chandrakoot Parvat .A local man took her along with him , as soon as they reached and he kept the little girl down and to his surprise she turned into maa Bhagwati , the Goddess.

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She was so beautiful, the brightness of her face and the whole body was brighter than that of the moon, that’s why the name of the place was named Chandrabadni . Further the same man went back and told everyone that Bhagwati had appeared. Thereafter people started worshipping the goddess .

Maa chandrabadni-dhol damau
dhol damau

When lord Shiv got separated from goddess Sati, he reached towards Chandra Koot mountain where he expressed a lot of sorrow and pain, as a result goddess Sati gave him her appearance so bright as that of a Moon, Hence also the name of the place is called Chandrabadni ( one who has bright moonlike body)

Till date no one is allowed to see the real part of maa sati , the actual shaktipeeth .
Even the priests of the temple do not have the right to see the real bhagwati, whenever they worship the goddess or bathe her with mantras . they blindfold their eyes. It is said that once a priest had tried to see the body of the goddess in solitude as a result the light came out so bright that the eyes of priest were no longer functioning.
it is said that Shri Aadi Guru Shankaracharya Ji witnessed a prophecy to established a Shri Yantra in the temple , so that devotees can have the darshan of Shri Yantra and worship the goddess through the same . This is why Shri Yantra is worshiped as a path which connects devotees to the goddess.

Mata Chandrabadni Temple is a must visit for the peace of mind, this place is one of those which have great spiritual beliefs all over the world . Come visit this beautiful aura, and experience the real Devbhoomi Uttarakhand .

Be responsible and keep mountains clean .



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