Joshimath is Sinking.


Joshimath sinking: Joshimath also known as ‘Jyotirmath’.
Joshimath is a pristine town in the upper Himalayas which is blessed with divine temples and shrines.A town of municipal board in Chamoli district in the Indian state of Uttarakhand.
Today,this beautiful land is in huge crisis and is all over the news,calling it the sinking town. There are huge cracks on the walls of the houses,fields and even temple premises. Reportedly,more than 600 houses in joshimath have developed cracks and the lives of atleast 3000 people is in danger.People are living there at the verge of collapsing anytime. There is pain and agony among the locals who are left with no option other than leaving their houses and shift to safer places. The unmatched pain can be felt through these lines:
कनु भाग फूटी हमरू
कनु विलाप आई
ये पहाड़ का रैवासियो ना
कभी न सुख की रोटी खाई



Joshimath was ruled by Katyuri king from 7th to 11th century. The initial capital of katyuri dynasty was Joshimath after that they situated their capital to ‘Katyur’ Which is now situated in “Kumaun” district.

One of the four mutts ,shaligram idol and monastery was established by ‘Adi Guru Shankaracharya’ in the 8th century AD. This was the reason why it was called “JYOTIRMATH” in the olden times.

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The place joshimath is highly revered by Hindus and is known as a pilgrimage centre .
Many people were found here because of temples and beautiful religious sites.
Some are-

1) Ropeway to Auli.
2) Nanda Devi National Park.
4)Shri shankracharya math.
5)Bhavishya Badri.

1) The first priority is to minimize the danger of loss of lives.People are being shifted to safe houses,camps to save them from any calamity.
2)The Chief Minister’s office has made an announcement to release a Rs.45 crore rehabilitation package for crisis on the land of Joshimath.
3)Also, chief minister took the camp in the town and made arrangements for those displayed due to land subsidence.

joshimath sinking : Just like Joshimath there are some other town affected with same issues/crisis,such as
Karanprayag, Rishikesh, Haldwani, Mussoorie, Nainital.If we don’t pay a heed today, very soon several other towns would be affected by land subsidence as seen in Joshimath.

Steps taken to improve the condition:-

1) As per the report which was issued in May,7,1976 by Garhwal Mandal, Mahesh Chandra Mishra that Joshimath will sink and we should restrict heavy construction. This was not considered and today the disaster is infront of us.
2) We should focus on sustainable development not aggressive unplanned development.

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3) Instead of making more no of dams , cutting down of trees and blasting on the mountain areas (for making buildings) .We should focus more on agriculture and cultivation of crops as per the soil conditions.
4)Sustainable forestry and Crop rotation should be practised regularly.
5) Plant more trees as it is helpful in every way possible.

joshimath sinking : We need to protect nature and its components as they are not just for us but for our future generations too.
We really need to ponder how Joshimath was mistreated for over development and short term projects!
Why are we not awake to save Mother Earth?
Aren’t the Himalayas important for everyone?
विकास की भेंट चढ़ी
परकर्ती कू बिनास
समझी जावा अजान सारा
नी करा अफीमान
नी छेड़ा मेरा पहाड़ तै
नी लेवा ये की जियान…


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