Lesser Known Facts About District Nainital


Lesser Known Facts About District Nainital

Nainital : Nainital is widely known in the country for it’s natural beauty and beautiful Tals. Given below are some facts about the place which are less highlighted.

  1. To reach Kailash Mansarovar, people used to take the route of Nainital.
    2.Nainital is at 2.6837 ft above sea
    3.1823-George William Trail who knows the Kumaoni language and established the Pashandevi mandir Before 1841 few people knew about Nainital.
    4. Ushered into the era of modern things
    1848 – mall roads construction for easy transport 1890 – Pal Naukayan and Boathouse Club established 1857-CRST school (one-time number 1) education system 1869-European diocesan boy’s school is now known as Sherwood school ( Amitabh Bachchan had studied from here )
    5. Nainital is the Lake district of Uttarakhand.
    6. Mythical stories Story Of Sati says that the eyes of Sati fall here, therefore it is one of the 51 shakti peeth and the shakti form of sati is worshipped in Naina Devi temple.
    7. Miscellaneous Mall road is the shopping centre where we can buy handcrafted things Here is the second Rajbhavan in which there are 113 rooms, a swimming pool and a big garden.
    8. Bhimtal lake is situated 4500 ft above sea level (The largest natural lake there) named after one of the Pandavas Bheem can do boating here Kilbury Bird sanctuary can sight Black eagle, emerald bird and 580 above different birds.
    9. Nainital is the judicial capital of Uttarakhand, the high court of the state is there. Nainital was Summer capital of British time Nainital lake name because it has Eye shaped lake approx 2 miles in circumference surrounded by Nainapeak Deopathaand Ayarpatha peak.
    10.Literacy Nainital had an average literacy rate of 92.93%, higher than the Uttarakhand state average of 78.82% around 96.09% males and 89.47% females in the city are literate.Read This Also : jwalpa-devi-real-story-ज्वालपा-देवी-की-लोक-कथा


    11.Religions in Nainital Religion Percent Hindus 85.61% Muslims.
    , 91% Sikh 0.75%  , Christian 0.92% Others 0.8%
    12. Population According to the 2011 census. Nainital had a population of 41,377. Males constitute 52.3% of the population and females4 7.7%, which gives the city a sex ratio of 911 women per every 1000 men, which is less than the Uttarakhand state average of 963 women per every 1000 men.
    13.Nainital Yacht Club The Nainital Yacht Club, situated along the lake, is run by the Boat House Club. It is the highest yacht club in India and among the highest clubs in the world. It was founded in 1910 by the British hand, till 1970, was only open to members. Today, tourists can pay for a sailing session on the yachts.
    14. Nainital Lake has a Danger as the amount of minerals is increasing in it and Due to increase of minerals in it the lake is losing its transparency and due to increase in pollution, its depth decreases from 27.9 m to 19.6 m.
    15.Lake restoration The National Institute of Hydrology (NIH) Roorkee had made a plan of 50 crore rupees sponsored by the ministry of environment and forestry. Under this, there are different plans for sewer line and sewer treatment plants, soil conservation, sediment removal plan from deltas etc.

    16. Nainital has one of the oldest golf courses in India; the 18-hole golf course dates back to 1926. But it was opened to the public only in 1994.
    17. The lake is 175 feet deep and is situated at 1,220 metres (4,000ft) above sea level. It is covered in trees and shrubs. It also had a hidden route under the lake to China. It is the deepest of all the lakes in the Nainital region. The length of the lake is 983 metres (3,225ft), its bread this 693metres (2,274ft) and it has a depth of 40.3 metres(132ft). Within the valley are opportunities for angling and bird watching. Other activities include parasailing, paragliding, fishing, rowing, paddling or yachting. The lake is fed by an underground perennial spring. Naukuchiatalis also known for the ‘escape festival’ which happens once every year (in May ) It is believed that this lake was created after hard worship (Sanskrit”tap”) of Brahmaji and a small temple dedicated to Brahmaji exists near the KMVN guest house. According to locals anyone performing a parikrama of the lake will be blessed by Brahmaji.
    18 Nainital is one of the most visited hill stations in India.
    19. Nainital judicial capital of Uttarakhand the high court of the state is there.
    20 Jim Corbett national park Is the oldest National park in India and was established in 1946 as Hailey national park to protect the endangered Bengal tiger. It was named after a well Know Hunter and naturalist Jim Corbett and it was the first park to come under the Project tiger initiative.

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    21 museum of folk culture of Bhimtal is Known as Lok Sanskriti sangrahalaya that houses several rare art objects. Various archaeological items and rock arts are also exhibited in this museum which was founded to preserve the culture of Uttarakhand and the founder of the museum was Yosadhar mathpal, an Indian archaeologist, and rock art conversationist Who was awarded Padma Shri by the Government of India in 2006
    Art from the museum

22. religious beliefs
Nainital is inhabited by Kumaoni people, who are religious, God-fearing and superstitious by nature. The deities worshipped in Nainital are Bholanath, Gangnath, Naina Devi, Nanda Devi, Sunanda Devi, Kail Bisht, Golu, Sam, Haru and Adi.
Even they promote Muslims as we can see there is a Jama masjid.
23. Art Work

The Kumaoni women folk decorate their houses with beautiful religious motifs of Gods and Goddesses known as ‘Yantra’ or ‘Peeth’. It is a geometric representation of deities through the designs made from the mixture of ochre with rice paste
The Pichora worn by women is also prepared by locals in an ancient traditional dying art known as ‘Rangwali’. A bright yellow muslin cloth is imprinted with the designs of the swastika in the centre and sun, moon, bells, shells, conch, etc around it.

24. Dress
The traditional clothing of women in Nainital is Ghaagra-Pichora. Even though, today most of the ladies wear saris. Pichora is worn during their festive season. Married women always wear ‘Sindoor’, Mangalsutra or ‘Chareu’, ‘Nath’ i.e. nose ring and the golden necklace called ‘Hansuli’. On religious occasions, women adorn their heads with a very long ‘Pithya’ i.e. a Tilak made from turmeric and rice. The men of Nainital wear Pajamas, a long coat and a woollen cap

25. Style of Building Houses
The Kumaoni people of Nainital reside in houses made of bricks, stones, tin, mud and grass. All the houses are built at an elevated area with slope rooftops to let the snow easily slip and fall on the ground. The roof is generally made of stone. A shed is built on the ground floor beneath the elevated abode where the cattle is housed.

26. songs and dances

Traditional dances like Chholia Nritya, Jhora and Chhapeli are also famous in Nainital.
Folk songs of Nainital are generally devotional and portray heroic and mythological themes. At the same time, love songs and moral songs are equally popular.

27. Fairs Of Nainital

Nandadevi Fair: Nandadevi Fair celebrated in September every year was originally introduced by King Kalyan Chand in the 16th century AD. In this fair, the idols of Goddess Nandadevi and Sunandadevi are carried in a grand procession when myriads of devotees gather and ask for their prosperity and well being. On this occasion, several cultural programs are organized here.

Garjiadevi Fair: Garjiadevi Fair, organized at the Garjiadevi Temple in Ramnagar beckons thousands of devotees to come and seek the blessings of the Mother Goddess
Sharadotsav: Sharadotsav celebrated in October provides a perfect opportunity to witness the core culture of Nainital. Various cultural programs, folk art and folk dances are showcased through this festival. Swarms of tourists, as well as the locals, alight at Nainital to attend the Sharadotsav Festival.

Hariyali Devi Fair: Hariyali Devi Fair is celebrated in Nainital in July on the occasion of Harela. This festival commemorates the newly grown greenery everywhere and the life infused in nature by the new rains of the season
Khatarua: Khatarua Festival celebrated on the first day of the Hindu month Ashwin that falls in mid-September welcomes the arrival of the autumn season. The noteworthy feature of this festival is that cucumber is offered to the deities that kill the evil forces.

28.  something about food style

Some of the famous food items of Nainital include Ras, steamed rice, bhang ki chutney, Bhatt ki Churkani, Baadi, Black and White Roti, Mandwe Ki Roti, Muli ka Thechua, Bathue ka Paratha, Gaderi Ki Sabji, Peenalu Ki Sabji, Papad Ki Sabji, Gathi, Gauhati ki Daal, Lason Ka Lur, Bhatt Ka Joula, Dhai ka Jaula, Bari Bhat, Kaapa Bhaat, Chanda Devi our Saladi ka Raita, Aloo Ke Gutke, Arsa, Gulgula, Bal Mithai, Malta, Kafhal, Khumani, Plum, etc. Tourists make it a point to not go back without tasting the flavours of this delectable Nainital cuisine.
29.  mission butterfly: solid waste program
Is an integrated solid waste management program promoting the management of solid waste? It is owned and managed by the swachata sameeti
Due to the pollution and the waste, the oxygen level was decreasing in the lake and was harmful to the animals living there especially fish.
30. The British wanted to join Nainital by rail. Surveys revealed that Nainital was prone to landslides, so special technology was to be used. However, before this scheme could be finalized India gained freedom and the dream to join Nainital with Kathgodam by rail never came true.

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31. Britishers compared Nainital with Cumbrian because of its similar climate.
32. Pt. Govind Ballabh Pant High Altitude Zoo
It is the only high altitude zoo in north India apart from this high altitude zoos are located in Darjeeling and Sikkim.
33. Movies like Gumrah and many more movies have been shot in Nainital, it’s an attraction point of shooting Bollywood movies.
34 China peak (2611 m) name was changed to Naina peak after 1962 Indo-China war
35 Vainu Bappu Telescope, the largest telescope in Asia until a 3.6-meter telescope was set up at Devasthal, Nainital, by ARIES(Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences). It has a diameter of 2.3 meters and was first used in 1986.

36. Nainital ropeway is also known as cable car ride which is one of the fastest ropeways in the county
Which connect malli tal to the snow view point
37. Sukhatal is another attraction of Nainital after 1990 tourist.
38. Nainital is also known as shasti ghat because it is believed that it has around 60 lakes

39. Sariyatal was found in 1880 because of its muddy water but the British named it striatal because the earlier name was offensive and they renewed it with human work
40. Golu Devta temple
In bhowali In ghorakhal on Nainital
The temple is often in the news for its rituals performed here are like devotees have to sign a petition on the accomplishment of their wishes and to show gratitude they offer ghantiyan or a goat sacrifice is common.

41. Concerned over depletion of Nainital Lake’s water level, experts have asked the state government to declare Nainital as an eco-sensitive zone and bar any construction work near the water body.
42.  Chandni Chowk restaurant
Know for its delicious Punjabi cuisines. The architecture and interior have been inspired by Chandni Chowk. The best part of the restaurant is the moving mannequins and the scene depicted of the busy street of Chandni Chowk in Delhi with life-size traffic police signalling people.
42. The water level of the lake has drastically gone down to minus 7 feet.thousand of residents on June 3 joined a barefoot walk from Gandhi statue to pant statue on the Mall Road to highlight the lake’s dying condition.
Rakesh Kumar, the national additional secretary of the United Nations Development Programme and a participant at the meeting, said they would look at the suggestions put forth by the experts.
Excessive construction has been done on the Green belt and 30% of the problem will be solved if group housing is discouraged,” he said. “We had pressed the forest department for declaring Nainital as an eco-sensitive zone, but it has not fructified.”
The meeting comes days after chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat, during a visit to Nainital on June 9, granted ₹3 crores for conservation of the dying lake.

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43. Peora :Several British Era bungalows give Peora Village a rustic vibe. The scenic beauty with snow-capped mountains, juicy fruit-laden trees, green meadows and a variety of fauna is inexpressible. This place is perfect to unwind and spend some quality time with your loved ones or to cherish solitude. Peoria is a hidden gem that is bountiful in scenic beauty and picturesque views that makes it a perfect getaway.
44 Eco Garden Cave : Famous for its interconnected rocky caves, hanging gardens and musical fountain, the Eco Garden are a set of six small caves in the shape of various animals. Located in the Mallital area of Nainital, you need to crawl your way in. In the evenings, you can see the spectacle of the musical fountain with various audio-video effects.

The Eco Cave Garden is set up to give tourists a glimpse of the natural habitat of the Himalayan Wildlife by constructing different caves for different animals, similar to their natural home. Lit with petroleum lamps, the most popular caves are Tiger Cave, Panther Cave, Apes Cave, Bat Cave and Flying Fox Cave. Visiting Eco Cave Garden is not recommended for old people and toddlers.
45. Land’s end: Set across the Khurpa Tal and vast stretches of plains, the Land’s End is the spot where the land ends and all you can see is cliffs surrounded by snow-dusted mountains. 4 km off the main town, Land’s End is frequented by adventure enthusiasts who trek to the scenic spot and relish the breathtaking view of mango-shaped Khurpataal Lake. The less adventurous can take a pony, horse or taxi from the city. Do keep in mind that the view from Lands End depends on weather conditions.

46. religious significance :The goddess and demons had a battle at this place.
There is a trunk of an elephant, a shield, and various indefinite outlines of sword and it is believed that if a barren woman crosses the hole of chauli ki jali during Shivratri, then she is blessed with a. Child
Located at a distance of 250 metres from Mutkeshwar temple.
Chauli means “rock” and jali means “hole

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