Phool Dei (फूलदेई)


Phool Dei a harvest festival !

Phool Dei A critical harvest celebration in Uttarakhand, Phool Dei is the respect paid to the divine beings for the great harvest year. It is on this event young ladies enrich the entrance of the houses with newly picked blossoms. Known as the harvest celebration of Uttarakhand, Phool Dei is a propitious society celebration that invites the spring season in the state.

phool dei-फूलदेई-festival-uttarakhand-teamdevasthali
little children’s collecting flowers

When and how phool Dei is celebrated ?

The celebration is commended on the first day of the Hindu month, Chaitra. Little kids are the most excited ones to take an interest in the celebration. Phool Dei is about flowers and springtime. In certain areas, the celebration is praised as Carnival and the festival continues for a month.

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The term ‘Dei’ alludes to a ceremonial pudding which is the key food in this celebration that is produced using jaggery. White flour and curd are additionally proposed to everybody. Youngsters assemble and go to each house in their town/village with plates loaded with rice, jaggery, coconut, green leaves, and blossoms. Also, these young ladies set forward their desires for the thriving and prosperity of families while singing “Phool Dei, Chamma Dei, Deno Dwar, Bhur Bhakar, Vo Dei Sei Namashkar, Puja Dwar.” consequently, they are given endowments and gifts like desserts, jaggery, and cash.


phool dei-फूलदेई-festival-uttarakhand-teamdevasthali
celeberating phool dei

The wishing and gift part additionally remember putting blossoms and rice for the doorsteps of the houses by the youngsters. Individuals of the town sing and dance on their society melodies to commend the celebration of spring alongside trading wants for prosperity and thriving of their family and family members. During the hour of this celebration, snow softens from the Himalayas and the evergreen rhododendron tree blossoms with red blossoms and the lavish green Himalayan lower regions grandstand their inconspicuous excellence.

phool dei-फूलदेई-festival-uttarakhand-teamdevasthali
phool dei

On the appearance of the spring season, the bewildering Himalayas embellish its botanical dress made from the ruddy rhododendrons, Sal, Bauhinia (Kachnar) and the sky-scratching oak trees that fill in the higher spans of the mid-Himalayan valley. फूल देई, छम्मा देई, देणी द्वार, भर भकार, ये देली स बारम्बार नमस्कार, फूले द्वार……फूल देई-छ्म्मा देई।. During this celebration, an exceptional pudding called ‘Sei’ is made which is proposed to the guests. It is a conventional Pahari food that is prepared from rice flour massaged with curd, jaggery, and sugar. The blend is then rotisserie in ghee and sugar is added according to taste. This promising celebration is praised with a zing in the sloping spaces of Garhwal and Kumaon yet stays obscure to the urban communities of Uttarakhand.

phool dei-फूलदेई-festival-uttarakhand-teamdevasthali
children’s holding full filled basket by flowers

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Then again, in the mystic valley of the western Himalayas particularly in the Pauri Garhwal area, the Phool Deyi Festival is praised consistently. This celebration is viewed as promising and the people who have praised it, recall the celebration happily as their beloved recollections are related to it. The folk singers of the town invite the spring season in their exceptional style by singing the heartfelt tunes of Riturain and Chaiti. The customary Pahari drummers alluded to as Bajgi, Auli and Dholi visit the various towns and praise the celebration by playing Dhol-Damau in the yards of the villagers. Children make a doli for Gouga devta and carry it to each house.

The Grand Celebration !

The biggest Phool Dei fair is held at the Kashi Vishwanath temple in Guptkashi, Rudraprayag every year. Different types of doli from several parts of the area arrive at this fair. These dolis move around the temple as a Parikrama ritual.

More than 100 participants take part in this larger than life festival. In the Tehri and Uttarkashi region, the festival is celebrated for almost a month. The ending of this festival is marked on the day of Papdi sankraant. In rest of the regions, the festival is celebrated for only a week or 11 days .

Phool Dei Celebration 2022 ,Phool Dei starts from March 14 2022 and ends on April 14 2022 .