JWALPA DEVI – Pauri Garhwal

Jwalpa devi – Also known as Jwaleshawari, Jwala, Jwalpeshwari, Jwalendri, Jwalamukhi, Jwalamalini, Bhagwati Jwalpa Bhawani is regarded as the Daughter of Thapliyal’s. Her abode is in the vibrant banks of Nwalika (Nayar) river situated in the heavenliness of Aamkoti, Kapholsiyu Patti, Pauri Garhwal.Jwalpa is derived from the sanskriti word Jwala which means gigantic flames of Fire….READ MORE

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SURKANDA DEVI – Tehri Garhwal

Surkanda devi – Residing in Shreekoot Mountain
Surkanda comes from the Sanskrit word Shreekantha which means the neck of the Goddess. Surkanda Devi is also known as Sureshwari or Surkanda suri. There are 2 black idols of Goddess inside the temple. One is eight armed Mahashakti Durga and other is a big black stone idol with two lady figures engraved on it known to be Sati and Surkanda. One is shown headless and the other one is adorned with a huge traditional gadhwali nosering known….READ MORE

KEDARNATH – Rudraprayag

kedarnathKedarnath -A place where Gods and Goddesses and their holy divinity lingers in every corner, where nature is not just full of lush green forests but it also bestows peace and bliss. Have you ever been to such a place? If not, then you surely need to visit Uttarakhand. This northern state of India also known as, “Devbhoomi”, which literally means ‘Land of Gods’ is visited by people round the globe in pursuit of attaining peace and ultimate bliss. There are a number of pilgrimage sites in Uttarakhand which attracts a huge number of devotees to visit these holy shrines. One of the well-known pilgrimage sites in India, Kedarnath Dham is also situated in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand.  It is set in the Garhwal region near the Mandakini River with the Himalayas in the background..READ MORE