Uttarakhand Through My Eyes -Shashank Bhatt


Whenever someone talks about Uttarakhand they limit it to the temples or consider it as a hill station. Though there is nothing wrong in that, in fact we feel blessed to have such divine land and natural beauty. But i also feel that the image of our state is been boxed in just these two categories. Uttarakhand as a state has a lot more to offer.

People have just witnessed the physical beauty of Uttarakhand but rarely have anyone tried to dive deep into its culture or lifestyle. That would have shown how different or unique this place is in many aspects.

Unfolding some aspects of the culture

Uttarakhand is home for many communities. Garhwali, Kumaoni, Jaunsari, Bhotiya and some other communities reside here at different parts of the state. The umbrella term used for all of them is ‘Pahadi’ which means people from the mountains. Each community is culturally very rich. These cultures are similar to each other but each have some unique things about it. Therefore, as a whole Uttarakhand becomes a place of rich and diverse culture.

There are different dialects spoken in the state. Even the same dialect have variations if you move from one place to other. Uttarakhand have many beautiful folk dances like Thadiya Chaufla, Tandi and many more. The beauty of these dance forms is that they are performed in groups, which signifies the inclusive nature of our people. There is a variety of folk music in Uttarakhand which is sung or performed on specific occasions. Mangal, Jhoda, Thadiya, Jagar are the names of some of the folk songs.


This isn’t all, each of the folk dance or song has a mythical story behind it. The story can either be related to some Gods and deities or an event in the past. This shows the amount of literature the place holds. Sadly, these art forms are in a vulnerable condition right now and might fade away with time.

The culture of Uttarakhand is not limited to just these things only but there is a lot more to it. Take a peek into the lifestyle of any pahadi and you will see a glimpse of mountains in that.

Written By – Shashank bhatt