​ What visiting villages of Uttarakhand taught me?


Villages of Uttarakhand – Out of the uncountable privileges i have, one which seems most important to me is that i live in Uttarakhand. To be honest, it gives me a sense of pride on being called a mountain man.

Old Architecture of Uttarakhand

Be it solo or along with my specific group of friends, i have been to more than ten villages situated in different parts of our state. My lookout in visiting these villages is very different. Keeping aside the fun and beauty of the place there is plethora of things to learn, experience or observe through the people and culture of each place.

Team devasthali in kotga village

The vast and diverse culture of Uttarakhand is kept alive not by the politicians or influencers who claim to do so but by the people from various villages who actually practice this in their everyday life.

Village – kotga,Tehri Garhwal

Culture is not just about dresses and information but it includes a lot more like language, rituals, traditions, beliefs and overall conduct of life. Witnessing the lifestyle of some geographically remote villages, i can confidently say that they are culturally very rich.

Ghantakarn Devta temple at Kotga Village

People from the villages are full of life. You ask them how they are and they will tell you their entire story of life. Filled with innocence, these people have no concept of deceit or fraud in their heads. My findings are that the real treasure is with the old people. I accept that their perspective of leading life isn’t relevant anymore but the stories they hold in them is precious. Anyone involved in any kind of artistic exploration understands the value of stories and trust me these people have a lot to share but there is no one to hear them out.

Baal ganga Valley

All that glitters is not gold. Life in the mountains seems fascinating and adventurous but in reality it is not. People who live there have to strive for even the basic needs and seeing that my entire perspective about life shifted. I feel much more grounded now and i crib less about the things i do not have.



shashank bhatt-teamdevasthali-uttarakhand
Shashank Bhatt